Ex-bride of Frankenstein

Despite the horrifying wonders of Halloween in London, you know, the muggings, random verbal abuse and vulgar ‘wolf whistles’ from the men in the white creepy vans, I decided this year to spend Halloween in… drum roll please… TOKYO!! Yes TOKYO! The baby right at the top of my bucket list, my dream destination and a cracker of a people-watching spot for trends, fashion and out-of-this world style. Only downfall is what to wear?
A difficult decision, made more frustrating by the problem of luggage space (if I can fit in there why can’t 10 pairs of shoes?) So, pretending this is a world where Harry, Hermione and Ron are my best buds and can pull fifty-pound notes from their magic behinds with one flick of their wand, this is an outfit I have thrown together and plan to buy (in the magical world, not here!)
This is inspired by the idea that even Monsters have break ups, and when they do, it’s time to get up, get dressed and work that scientific sass on the dance floor. Mad scientist + monster divorce = one hell of an outfit!
Plenty more fish in the sea Bride of Frankie, plenty more fish in the sea.

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