Scary is the new sexy (if you’re wearing Black Milk that is!)

Halloween is creeping ever closer, and it’s time for the usual ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ (or in other words ripping your hair out with Hulk like strength) to find that perfect outfit for the one and only night of the year we can be excused for looking like we got the hoochie train from Hookerville (companion Miley Cyrus in tow) or like a roly-poly pumpkin plus two creepy peepholes for navigation.

But what about those of us who want a lil’ bit of this and lil’ bit of that? A nice in between, minus the exposed coochies and frumpy fancy dress, that we can wear all year round?

Fear not my fashion forward friends! Three words will solve your agonising dilemma: Black Milk Clothing

If you haven’t heard of BMC, where the hell have you been? Black Milk Clothing is geek-chic heaven, and the gates are open, ready and waiting baby! An absolute yum-fest of stand-out-from-the-crowd, sassy and scrumptious apparel, these collections are to die for. And, lucky for the masses of us searching for something different, they bring out a new collection every October filled with zombielicious designs, gorgeous fabrics and fabulously flattering shapes.  I personally have a huge crush on their leggings due to how versatile they are, but as far as I am concerned BMC make it easy-peasy as pie for us to get three for the price of one; novelty (for Halloween), trendy (for everyday) and full ass shaking sass (for the dance floor).

I’m lucky enough to have a mini wardrobe full of the stuff, hence the increasing use of the phrase ‘can’t come out tonight. One word. POOR’, but if you are currently a BMC virgin, extend your overdraft ASAP! These babies sell out like hot cakes (but probably don’t taste too great). From the creepy and crazy to the ridiculously cute, Harry Potter jerseys to Lord of the Rings leggings, Black Milk Clothing will be your new treat for October the 31st!

So, now I’ve proved that you no longer have to scour the charity shops for bits and bobs to make your Frankenstein monster of an outfit that you’ll throw away the day after, below are some more wonderful examples of clothing and accessories that can be worn on a daily basis as well as the days you want to fly on your broomstick. Scary is stylish, sexy and soooo this week!

Let me know what you’re wearing this Halloween and which BMC piece is your fave (if you can choose just one that is!)

black milk 4

Black Milk Clothing Splatter Collection

black milk 3

Black Milk Clothing Halloween Swimsuit Collection


The Morticia Dress/Velvet Evil Skater Dress/Zombie Nation Leggings


Muscles Leggings/Legolas Dress/Cheshire Cat Nana/Gryffindor Shooter/Psychedelic Sesame Leggings


Lazy Oaf – Feline Fine Dress/Lazy Oaf – Kitty Titty Bralet


Ivory Jar – Sparrow Skull Handpiece/Me and Zena – Revenge of the Eyeball Ring/Asos – Bat Clutch/Illamasqua – Repulse Lipgloss/BeHunnyBee – Cat Collar Tips


Forever 21 – Bats and Cats Collection (In UK stores now)


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