Just sitting in your pjs this Saturday? Not anymore! Welcome to vintage paradise…

Just a quick post for you gorgeous lot! I’m assuming this Saturday 12th many of you will be sitting in the monkey pj’s grandma bought you, curing that deadly hangover with a fry up and a cold shower. Well cuties, drag your fine asses out of bed and join me (yes, I’ll be there; I’m not square) and hundreds of others craving a rockin’ start to the weekend; South Bank Centre’s vintage car boot sale!

All you need to begin your trip down nostalgia lane is the £3 entry fee and an ability to have fun! Look forward to people selling vintage treasures from their Cadillacs, live entertainment to keep the booty shaking at a Beyonce minimum, vintage wagons selling saliva-inducing street food, a stylish mobile cocktail bar (five Cosmopolitans please, waiter!) and let’s not forget being surrounded by crowds of ridiculously trendy humans – the people watching will alone be worth it. If that doesn’t please you I don’t know what will. 

If you go let me know what you bought, so if I like it I can hunt you down and take it… no, I’m kidding. (No…I’m not).

(Also, if you see me crying sprawled on the floor at Waterloo station, no worries; I’m just mourning the loss of my overdraft).

South Bank Centre – Classic Car Boot Sale


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