Today I rolled out of bed and I put on…

High waisted faux leather shorts! Forever 21 £16.75

It’s once again that time of year where London weather is playing up to its role of making its residents miserable, miserable and, let’s not forget, miserable. This is about the only time a Londoner will actually appreciate Underground peak times due to body heat (except for the guy with his face in that dudes armpit; he does not appreciate this).  Soon after this decline in temperature (and the will to live), I prepare myself for my mums words of wisdom; ‘PUT SOME CLOTHES ON FOOL!’ And so, like a good little girl, I decided to take my freezing ass out for a Brazilian buffet in a sensible beret, a slightly less sensible pair of tiny shorts and a no-sense-at-all invisible cloak (cheers Potter). So, yes, I was cold, and yes, I turned a little blue. But who cares; my shorts are awesome!

For an idea of other ways to work faux leather shorts check my outfits below (‘BLUE MOON’ and ‘MONOCHROME LOVES PINK’) and if you find yourself salivating over them click the pics to view my Polyvore for more information and links. How would you wear yours?

Beret happy girl



We love short shorts!

Jumper – TOPSHOP £45/ Choker – ETSY £1.82/ Lipstick – ILLAMASQUA £16/ Earrings – BOTICCA £41/ Ring – ETSY £7.82/ Boots – DR. MARTENS £120/ Shorts – FOREVER 21 £16.75

Crop Top – TOPSHOP £2.50/ Necklace – ASOS £28/ Shorts – FOREVER 21 – £16.75/ Purse – LULU GUINNESS £75/ Shoes – ASOS £45/ Ring – MACY’S £13/ Palette – THE HUT £14


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