I’ll meet you at the Classic Car Boot…

Practicing what I preach, I took my little legs off to the Classic Car Boot Sale at the Southbank Centre for some retail therapy (and to torture myself with the painful truth that I will never actually own a Cadillac). Mr. Sun was shining, the beer was flowing and the crowds were buzzing. Mulled wine was being served from the big red bus blasting tunes, gorgeous colourful vintage pieces hung from the many rails, whilst homeware and nick-nacks were dotted around the stalls, ranging from novelty to collectible. And the cars, OH the cars! Delicious beyond belief! You normally can’t drag me away from the clothes, but classic cars are just in a league of their own; in my dream world London looks like Cuba, I own pink and aqua Cadillacs and, most importantly, I’m Dita Von Teese. Ahem….

As amazing (with a capital A) as the Chevrolets and Volkswagen campers were, I still, as always, managed to find time to spend a little cash. Considering my more recently dwindling budget I think I did considerably well with my purchases; one Scottish mohair poncho cape £30, a black shirt with unique slanted pockets £9 and a gorgeous velvet tasseled Jaeger bolero £25. Wish me good luck finding space in my wardrobe; I’m going to need it.

So, ladies and gents, even if you have no interest in fashion to the point where you think that bin bags are the hottest new thing and that Kate Moss is some kind of gardening product, the Classic Car Boot is still worth a visit. Grab a friend, treat yourself to a tasty snack from one of the many food wagons, plonk your bum down on a seat for some people watching and enjoy one of the wonderful perks of living in London.












Fotor0101422548 Fotor0101405450 IMG_0265






6 thoughts on “I’ll meet you at the Classic Car Boot…

  1. Perfectly described. An amazing day and well worth a visit next year. I have my The Classic Car Boot savings jar on the go already. Can’t wait. Thanks for the lovely pics 👍😘

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