Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

I’ve written this post in search for some reassurance that I’m not going mad (although some would say I’m already gone). Everywhere I go I’m seeing cats or kittens and it’s getting to the point where I truly fear that I’m either turning into Catwoman (not the worst thing in the world) or just a crazy cat lady who will eventually live in a cardboard box, replace my dove deodorant and sponge with saliva and tongue and choose fish bones over mum’s Caribbean curry (don’t think it could get any worse). I am telling you now before the war begins; the cats are coming in full force and they are showing no mercy!

Seriously, for the last month every clothing store I venture into there’s a cat print, silhouette or almond shaped eyes peering from the shadows. But, since their claws are much sharper than mine and their brothers and sisters could eat me up as a midnight snack (low in fat of course), I can’t beat them – so I’ll join them!

My daytime (CAT’S WHERE IT’S AT) and evening (FELINE KINDA FLIRTY) outfits below give you an idea of how kitty crazy you can be this season, plus a preview of the array of items available online and in stores gives you a chance to spend spend spend like a kitten in a kipper store! 


(Please excuse my love of puns today! Oops… forgot to use CATWALK… phew, I feel better now!)

Jumper – J.W. Anderson for Topshop/ Trousers – Joseph Herald £435/ Collar – Noir Rila £50/ Shoes – Charlotte Olympia £455/ Bag – £13 Etsy/ Leopard Ring – Meadowlark £505/ Cat Ring – Asos £6.70

Fullscreen capture 16102013 034548-001

Top – Forever 21 £8.66/ Necklace – Asos £13/ Skirt – Milly Edith £390/ Hat – New Look £11 / Bag – Georgina Skalidi £110/ Shoes – Boohoo £31 / Cardigan – New Look £35 / Leopard Ring – £100 Meadowlark / Cat Ring – Max&Chloe £165

Sunglasses – Missguided £9.99/ Nail Art Wrap Set – Firebox £14.99/ Dress – Japan L.A. $79


Bag – Muchacha Ahcahcum £10.89 (eBay)/ Socks – Lazy Oaf £12/ Hat – Topshop £10/ Earrings – FazJewelry Etsy £13.02








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