Off to Japan: Top 5 tips and a SAYONARA!

A quick blog post before I rush my little self off to Heathrow dragging my big luggage behind me.

I’ve been painfully trying to put my wardrobe together this last week and today I finally succeeded (cheers from the crowd please!) It is my version of a work of art, which is slightly worrying for the art world. Below are a few fashion tips from my experiences of travelling over the last few years.

Please be aware until November 1st I will be in Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Koyasan, Nara, Arashiyama, Hiroshima and Miyajima enjoying the natural beauty and neon lights in the magical land that is Japan! Don’t be jealous (well, just a little) and don’t miss me too much! I will try to post pictures on here and on twitter if possible; I don’t want you to miss out on all the kooky guys and gals in Harajuku and Shibuya!

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My 5 Essentials:

 These essentials will keep your wardrobe as light and fluffy as whipped cream and make those ‘I’m stressed, I’m stressed! I can’t get dressed!’ moments a thing of the past. All you need are these five pieces and just add various lipsticks, tops and gorgeous jewellery to make your outfits all unique but just as fabulous; much easier (and cheaper) than bringing your entire wardrobe.

One long black cardigan: Keeps you covered on those chilly nights when the goosebumps have a rave on your usually exposed legs, plus it gives you that instant glam look when you glide into the room like the princess of the underworld!

One pair of white Converse: HEAVEN SENT! I am ashamed to say that this is the first time I have owned a pair of white converse (the only other pair I had bore ugly little skulls; a result of my teenage Avril Lavigne ‘Skater Boy’ phase). These beauties literally go with EVERYTHING, they’re comfortable and if you want to go foot-funky just buy yourself some quirky socks!

One black pencil skirt: Necessary for those nights out after a long day walking round in circles with your Lonely Planet in one hand, and a clump of ripped out hair in the other (STRESS!) You can keep it casual with some nice suede black flats and a t-shirt or, if you want to paint the town red and fill your liver with sake, step into your sexy ’Rihanna’ heels. (Below)

One pair of ‘Rihanna’ heels: I’m referring to the gorgeous nineties strappy sandals we’ve all be wearing these last few seasons, and Rihanna is the Queen! Keep them black for more versatility and wear them with every evening outfit (just don’t forget the flats in your bag for when your feet give into their natural born shape and the gallons of alcohol you’ve been drinking). There are so many varieties out there on the high street and online – you are spoilt for choice!

One pair of Mom jeans: My Topshop Mom jeans are the No.1 item in my wardrobe (much love Mom jeans, much love). Just like the white Converse they go with everything, they are totally comfortable and you’ve instantly got that vintage/retro look no matter what you wear due to the high waist. Oh, and let’s not forget they make your booty look like fresh buns from the village bakery…

5 Quirky-Cute Japan:

These are my 5 essential cute items for my trip; if you’re going to go cute anywhere it’s got to be Japan! I planned to show you photographs but realised unpacking would bring me so much stress a mini break down would occur, with a possible stint in rehab.

Lilac wink eyes crop top – Republic

Doll face mini frame purse – Lulu guinness

Happy and sad knees tights – Asos

Blue sailor dress – Pop Boutique

Comic ‘Woman in Red’ leggings – Black Milk Clothing

5 Essentials For That Loooooooooong Flight

Wear your heaviest and most bulky clothes; it just means less items in your already bulging-at-the-sides suitcase, and if you’re from London, where the wind and rain work overtime, bulky equals warm and for us it’s and the warmer the better!

Wear layers; If you wear less and you get cold, what can you do? I certainly will not be asking the man dribbling on my shoulder if I can borrow his coat. At least if you wear plenty of layers no matter how hot or cold the plane, you’re sorted. And remember, your jumper doubles up as a pillow! Improvise people, improvise!

Wear lipstick; If you want to look glam at the airport just put on some red lippy and forget the uncomfortable outfit; at least the rest of your body wont suffer. I’m taking ten lipsticks to japan with me… too much?

Wear comfy shoes; OK, so it’s bitch of the century time! Let’s begin… On my most recent holiday (Barcelona) I saw a girl wearing four inch heels at the airport (grubby and battered looking, might I add) and I just thought ‘WHY?!’ I mean, the paparazzi aren’t here (honey, you’re not Lady Gaga), no one except me, bitchy McBitchy, would have noticed her footwear since all anyone could think about was actually getting to the front of this never ending queue and, most importantly, they should be considered a weapon; it’ll ‘av your eye out guvna’!

So, ladies and gents, since I’m in a rush that’s all I can provide. I shalt miss thee very much so!

– x – SAYONARA – x –


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